The Show 2021: The Show That Wouldn’t Die!

For 95 years running, The Show has been the best party in Minneapolis. It has everything: Egos. Awards. Booze. High fives. Hugs. Tears of joy. Tears of vodka. Coat checks. Everything.

Needless to say, this year was a little…different.

But different doesn’t necessarily mean bad. Our intrepid Show committee foresaw the impending “Zoom Fatigue Syndrome” and designed a decidedly anti-Zoom experience: a hybrid model that fused the critical ingredients of a massive party – all your industry friends packed into one room, random conversations with friendly strangers, and awkward run-ins with former colleagues – and a super fun and engaging Best of Show reveal that brought the real world of downtown Minneapolis back into our hearts.

And for those who jumped on the bandwagon early, attendees were hand-delivered a custom-designed gift box chock full of the other critical ingredient: alcohol. Partakers could join a virtual beer tasting supplied by Modist Brewing and play bar trivia with TV/Radio Host Steve Patterson, or a Two Gingers Whiskey cocktail workshop hosted by Forbes 30 Under 30 Mixologist, Marco Zappia.

So, even if we couldn’t be physically together this year, it was nice to see everyone’s beautiful faces for a few hours on a cold night in March. It was fun. And it recharged the batteries, at least as much as these things can right now.

But damn, we sure are looking forward to The Show 2022. We’ll see you lunatics then.

Check out the full list of 2021 winners here: