We Are Ad 2

We are Ad 2. If you have a passion for advertising and marketing and you’re 32 or under, you found the right place. Based in the Twin Cities, we’re an affiliate of the The American Advertising Federation (AAF) and are friends with the Advertising Federation of Minnesota (otherwise known as AdFed).

Whether you’re establishing your ad career, expanding your skills, scoping out industry connections, or a mix of all three, we have the events, education, and contacts to get you where you want to go. Through our events, public service opportunities, and leadership positions, you’ll come together with members that have the intelligence, creativity, and desire to evolve advertising and marketing.

Honestly? We can’t wait for you to join us. 

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Be a part of something big.

We get it. Getting established in the ad industry can feel overwhelming. But, (a) you’re not alone, (b) everyone in advertising felt the exact same way when they started out, and (c) you don’t have to go it alone. By attending or volunteering at an Ad2 event, you’ll already be ahead of the curve. You’ll receive direct access to some of the most dynamic, knowledgeable, and influential figures in local advertising and marketing. (Did we mention that they’re super friendly?) You’ll also meet up with other up and coming professionals to give your network the boost it needs. 

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Be seen in public.

Looking for some ad knowledge? Check out our regular presentations with industry experts about all kinds of topics. Want to check out an agency or three? Go to one of our open houses. Blow off steam with friends? We have trivia nights. Want to go big? Women’s Leadership Panel, 32 Under 32, and the Student Advertising Summit are all waiting for you.

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Be caught up to date.

To get a feel about the future of advertising, check out the phenomenal work we’ve done in the past. From case study chats to award extravaganzas, the creativity and heart of our members shines through them all. 

We love our partners!

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Okay, we’re biased, but these are some objectively awesome organizations. Take a second and check them out!