Women’s Leadership Panel 2021

I’m Good: A Conversation About Mental Health



About this event

What’s your most common response when a colleague, friend or relative asks “how are you?” It’s usually “I’m good,” even if you’re not, right? We’re here to unpack that.

Join us for the 10th Annual Women’s Leadership Panel this November, titled “I’m Good: A Conversation About Mental Health.” This virtual event will facilitate conversations to help empower us to put our mental health first in our personal, professional, and community lives.

The Women’s Leadership Panel is one of Ad 2’s signature events and draws hundreds of people who are eager to learn and be inspired by women empowerment.

This year’s theme is a timely and important topic for our advertising industry to address. The pandemic changed the way we work and made us more aware of how it impacts our mental health. During this event, we’ll dive into topics such as hustle culture, burnout, setting boundaries, active communication, self-care, knowing your worth, and the great resignation.

Programming includes:

Opening keynote speakerElizabeth Georgi, CEO/Founder of Soona. @lizgiorgi on social.

Followed by a panel with the leaders below.

Panel moderatorAngie Okon, CEO and Co-Founder of Okon. @amarieokon on Instagram.

PanelistAmi Lathia, Director of Product Management, Roundel at Target

PanelistDonna Robinson, CEO at Collective Measures

Panelist: Hope James, Founder of BIPOC Bloggers and Creatives. Instagram: @bipocbloggersandcreatives, @minnafropolis.

PanelistKim Dunn, Senior Vice President, Media and Data Science at Colle McVoy. @kimmyakgmail on Instagram.