The Show 2020 – Behind the Pin Panel

On January 27, AdFed went where all winners go – Behind the Pin! AdFed sat down with some of the “Best Of” winners of The Show 2020 as well as the judges who deemed them worthy to discuss what makes work #winning. 

AdFed president, Miles Marmo, led a conversation with winners Alex Frecon (AKA Cool Story), Colle McVoy’s Ed Bennet, Emerald Swearingen, Charlie Hield and BBDO’s David Mackereth as well as judges Luis Antezana of Crown, Kristen Beasley of Working Not Working and Matt Burgess of WONGDOODY to discuss what makes good ideas good, how to get around roadblocks, how to find inspiration in the challenges and what REALLY makes something compelling amongst piles and piles of work.


  • When you are doing something you like, the work is always better. So do something you like and create your own opportunities. 
  • Concept and cohesion are key. 
  • Work should inspire people to take action. 
  • Don’t put a casting call on Craig’s List…trust us on this one.  
  • KISS – Keep It Simple, Stupid. 
  • Great work doesn’t have to have a big budget – DIY can be your friend. 
  • Enter your work into as many categories as they qualify for.
  • Case study submissions that allow judges to really be immersed in the work give you a leg up in the judging. 
  • And some wise words from Alex Frecon…When in doubt, call your mom.  

Thanks for all who tuned into the event and make sure to see who wins at The Show 2021 and get your tickets today: