PPP? SBA? Loans On Loans – Help Me!

PPP? SBA? Loans On Loans – Help Me!


At AdFed, we are thinking about how to ease your mind as you apply for additional capital for your agency or business – because we all know it’s about the MOO-LAH! In addition to it being trying time for everyone, the chaos of constantly changing programs and plans make it even more difficult to navigate. However, our friends over at Lurie are experts and have organized an incredible list of resources. They possess a wealth of knowledge for business owners and are sharing some of the most important information you need to know in the market today. Some top questions we have been hearing around PPP:

Can I even apply to PPP anymore?

What time period should I use to determine my number of employees and payroll costs to calculate my maximum loan amount?

How should I account for federal taxes when determining payroll costs for purposes of the maximum loan amount, allowable uses of a PPP loan, and the amount of a loan that may be forgiven?

And for all other questions and updates to the information visit – https://www.luriellp.com/covid-19-sba-resources/