Open Minds 2021:
Finding Resilience

Open Minds 2021 – Finding Resilience

An honest discussion about today’s uncertainties.

At the start of 2020, mental health was a topic on everyone’s mind. There is no doubt that the global pandemic massively changed how we work and live, but the spring of 2021 held much promise, specifically around a “return to normal.” Now, three quarters through the year, in many ways we seem to have found ourselves back where we were at the start of 2020.

Local and national politics, violence in our communities and around the globe, public health policy and especially at this moment, the return to, or shift from, the office, weigh heavily on our minds. Finding resilience in a constantly shifting landscape is key to maintaining mental health. This event will identify some of these challenges, discuss coping and strategies and solutions specifically for those in the advertising and marketing fields. Panelists include:

Renay Dossman – President of nonprofit Neighborhood Development Center and an executive coach.

Dorion Taylor – Sr. Director, Strategic Branding and Marketing at Pohlad Companies and former agency person.

Julie Lenz Vessel – CTO/COO of MONO and Executive Career Coach

Matt Atkins – Psychologist at Slate Therapy and Clinical Director at Club Recovery, LLC

Moderated by Mike Caugin – CCO at Colle McVoy and Board Chair at The BrandLab