AdFed's 2022 Silver Medal Winner, Madeline Betsch

AdFed’s 2022 Silver Medal Winner, Madeline Betsch

Congratulations to this year’s Silver Medal Winner, Madeline Betsch!

Madeline Betsch

Madeline Betsch came to Campbell Mithun in 1973 with 9 years of package goods experience, beginning her career at Dancer Fitzgerald Sample as an Account Executive handling marketing, media, and promotion coordination for General Mills children’s cereals and Cheerios. She was also responsible for coordinating with General Mills and Jay Ward Productions for the creation, production and scheduling of cartoon shows such as Rocky & Bullwinkle, Fractured Fairy Tales, King Leonardo and Dudley Do Right.

She continued this GMI relationship at Knox Reeves working on Hamburger Helper, Tuna Helper and new dry packaged dinner mixes.

Ms. Betsch gained client experience as Marketing Director and one of the principals in the establishment of Langyn Laboratories, a new pharmaceutical company introducing a personal-care product in the Metro Washington DC area.

Madeline joined Campbell Mithun as an Account Manager on General Mills Nature Valley Granola and Breakfast Squares and she was responsible for taking both brands into national distribution and expanding the Nature Valley franchise. Other General Mills assignments included Golden Grahams, Crispy Wheats ’n Raisins, and led the introduction of many successful brands like Cinnamon Toast cereal and Pop Secret popcorn. Madeline quickly rose through the ranks in the Account Services Department at Cambell Mithun, becoming the first woman executive vice president and Board of Directors member. She was instrumental in creating the agency’s new business development unit and was responsible for one-third of the agency’s Minneapolis office clients (totaling over $100 million in billings.) including Kimberly Clark Depend and Poise brands, Con Agra’s Healthy Choice and Interstate Bakeries.

After almost 21 years with Campbell Mithun, Madeline retired in March, 1994.