2023 Paul Foss Awards

2023 Paul Foss Awards

The Paul Foss Award is given out every year recognizing an individual who has made an outstanding contribution to the Advertising Federation of Minnesota. They have dedicated their time, energy, and passion to helping AdFed and Ad 2 grow, by bringing impactful programming to our community, recruiting board and committee members, and being incredible representations of what our association stands for.

This year AdFed honored two brilliant, dedicated, inspiring women with this award – Kate Kearns and Althea Larson, who both currently serve on the AdFed Board of Directors.

AdFed Vice President Hana Chughtai standing with Paul Foss Award recipients and AdFed board members Althea Larson and Kate Kearns on stage at the Women's Leadership Panel event.Kate runs Advokate Communications, a full service all-things-content shop helping clients across a multitude of industries transform their brands and business. Kate is the textbook definition of the ideal teammate. She’ll anticipate a need coming from a mile away and somehow get ahead of it, turning what would have otherwise been an all-hands-on-deck fire drill into a perfectly executed, whip-smart solution. And it doesn’t matter if the solution was “in her wheelhouse,” or not. Everything seems to be in Kate’s wheelhouse. She’s not just ambidextrous, she’s OMNI-dextrous.

By day Althea is a Senior PR Manager at broadhead, where she primarily handles media and influencer relations across a variety of accounts, including CPG and healthcare. Althea came to AdFed last year as a first-year board member and courageously accepted The Show Chair. If you’ve ever been to The Show, you know that it’s our biggest, most complex event of the year. But it’s like an iceberg. For every ounce of effort you see above the surface, there is a mile of effort below. And she managed it all – while somehow always remaining cool, confident and professional well beyond her tenure. Althea is one of those people who make you feel optimistic about the future of our industry.

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AdFed Vice President Hana Chughtai hugging Paul Foss Award recipient and AdFed board member Althea Larson on stage at the Women's Leadership Panel event.