Ad 2: In the Know
Tools to Thrive in the Twin Cities Advertising Community

Ad 2: In the Know: Tools to Thrive in the Twin Cities Advertising Community

Brought to you by Ad 2’s D + I Committee.

The Twin Cities are home to organizations that support the Ad, PR, and Marketing community and help young professionals advance their careers. Highlighting these hidden gems and their incredible resources: Soona, The Minneapolis Egotist, Extra Grind, Boundaryless, and The BrandLab. This is the first event of its kind for Ad 2!

The main purpose of the night was to hold a space for accessibility in the industry and that is exactly what we got!
From the free headshot offer from Soona,
Staying updated on industry news and jobs with the Minneapolis Egotist,
Free ad classes through Extra Grind,
The free summer program with Boundaryless,
And the Fearless Program with The BrandLab
Each organization highlighted the ways that they are making a more even playing field in our advertising community. Knowing about these organizations and what they have to offer is incredibly helpful, especially in an industry as competitive as this one.

We are so thankful for our wonderful sponsors for bringing compelling presentations. And we are even more excited that all of our attendees got to learn about some resources to help them build their careers!