Mark your calendars for February 17 and 18, 2022!

The 2022 Ad2 Student Advertising Summit is a two-day networking event for students and young professionals just starting out in the marketing, communications, PR, and advertising industries. With unique opportunities to hear from diverse and inspiring keynote speakers, engage with diverse panelists, network in numerous breakout sessions, and more, our attendees will leave SAS feeling more connected to the industry than ever before.


What’s Next?

Transitions can be scary, unnerving, uncomfortable, and unprecedented. They can also be exhilarating, refreshing, much-needed, and positively unexpected. Heading into the unknown might be difficult, but moving forward brings out the best in us, and helps to uncover strengths we never knew we had which leads us to ask the question, “What’s Next?” We can’t wait to work with individuals – like you – who are navigating the newest transitions in their lives.

Greg Swan

Keynote Speaker

Greg Swan, Chief Creative & Strategy Officer, The Social Lights

It’s an exciting time to begin a career in advertising, PR, and marketing communications. TikTok is setting music and fashion trends. J.Lo is performing concerts on Snapchat. Brands are planning more dollars in social than TV. And what’s this metaverse thing?

Join Greg Swan, Chief Creative & Strategy Officer at The Social Lights, for a conversation about trends to watch in the coming year and some time-tested advice for leveraging all of this change as you advance in your career.




James Scott, Founder of Mono






Catherine Engel, Director, Social at Spark Foundry








Matt Pruett, Group Creative Director at Martin Williams





SAS 22 Panalist




Kyle Tsuchiya, Strategist at Superhuman




SAS 22 Panelist


Jordan Calef, Media Strategist at Lawrence & Schiller


SAS 22 Moderator


Hamy Huynh

Integrate Associate at Fast Horse

Student Ad Summit Kick Off

When: Thursday, February 17, 2022, 6-8 p.m.
Where: Colonial Warehouse in the North Loop of Minneapolis
What: Network, get a professional headshot taken, and bring your resume and/or portfolio so your work can be reviewed by talented industry veterans.

SAS Kick Off Schedule:
6:00 pm: Doors Open
6:30-7:00 pm: Presentation by Sarah McCarthy (Periscope), “I’m Graduating in the Spring– What’s Next?”
6:00-7:45 pm: Free Headshots
6:00-7:45 pm: Resume Reviews and Networking
8:00 pm: Wrap-up

Student Ad Summit Main Event

When: Friday, February 18, 2022, 9 a.m.-3 p.m.
Where: McNamara Alumni Center
What: Meet industry veterans, mingle with like-minded young professionals, listen to inspiring speakers, engage with panelists, and enjoy a yummy lunch and all-you-can-drink coffee.

SAS Main Event Schedule: 
8:45 – 9:30 am: Attendee Arrival and Networking
9:30 – 9:40 am: Director Intro and Welcome
9:45 – 10:25 am: Keynote
10:30 – 11:10 am: Breakout Session #1 (see details below)
11:15 – 11:55 am: Breakout Session #2 (see details below)
12:00 -12:55 pm- Lunch and Networking
1:00 – 1:55 pm: Agency Experience Panel
2:00 – 2:40 pm: Breakout Session #3 (see details below)
2:45 – 3:00 pm: Wrap-up


Vaccination is required to attend the Student Advertising Summit and physical or digital proof of vaccination will be required at the door for entry for all attendees, sponsors, and staff of the event.
The Student Advertising Summit will be following the indoor mask mandates required by the city of Minneapolis and University of Minnesota. Masks must be worn at all times unless someone is actively eating or drinking.

Breakout Sessions

Breakout Session 1:

Colle McVoy
Session title: Owning Your Next

Maggie Christ
Steffanee Jagdeo

Description: Acknowledgement of the stress entering the workforce, especially during a pandemic. Highlighting shared emotions that are common during that decision process. You’re not alone!
Shifting towards a sentiment of hope by outlining a few tips that can make the transition easier.
Tip #1: How to excel in an advertising interview.
Tip #2: How to champion your first few weeks.
Tip #3: How to achieve your goals and maintain personal growth.
Tip #4: How to enjoy the journey and cherish the memories.
Concluding with an inspirational piece, nodding to the excitement CM has about working with the students and the confidence we have in each of the students owning their next.

Collective Measures
Session Title: Why Buzz Isn’t Always Better: How New Marketers Can Stay Grounded in an Evolving Digital Landscape

Katie Blegen
Grisha Bornsztein
Ronald Grisha Bornsztein
Katie Blegen
Jamie Traynor

Description: Buzzworthy new trends like the Metaverse, NFTs, and cryptocurrency have sent shockwaves through the marketing and advertising industries, but are these developments really the biggest challenges digital marketers are facing? While they’re certainly the most talked about, advertisers are already encountering a host of less visible but more impactful changes. The digital landscape is constantly evolving, which means that remaining flexible yet grounded will be key to marketing success in 2022 and beyond. Emerging professionals will learn how to stay on top of industry buzz while leaning into the most relevant, day-to-day challenges, such as the rise of data privacy, the weakening of ad measurement, and evolving consumer sentiment, to make themselves indispensable to agencies and brands alike.

Session title: What’s Next for You (in Nugget Form)

Leslie Shaffer
Nikki Baker

Description: Your future in advertising might seem unclear. Don’t worry, we’re serving up truth in delicious bite-sized morsels.

Breakout Session 2:

Session title: Hello (and More) From the Other Side: Tips for breaking into the industry

Gabi Kinney (Strategist)
Catherine Retica (Copywriter)
Marguerite Winter (Senior Human Resources Manager)
Jada Jesberg (Production Coordinator)
Shannon Daehn (Copywriter)

Description: Gabi Kinney (Strategist) and Catherine Retica (Copywriter) were once (recently) in your shoes. Now, both graduates of the University of Minnesota’s HSJMC and current employees of broadhead, they’re ready to share their advice and experiences as to how they got their feet into the door (seemingly microscopic) that is advertising.

Chicago Portfolio School
Session title: What’s Next? The Portfolio of the Future

Presenter: Jeff Epstein, Director of Chicago Portfolio School

Description: Learn how a fantastic portfolio will land you your dream job in creative advertising, design or strategy. 

Session title: Creating Experiences that Matter

Olivia Gardner (Account Lead)
Chloe Lewis (Account Producer)
Alex Miranda (Cultural Strategist)
Reginaldo Reyes (VP Brand Experience & Environmental Design)
Dan Weston (VP Creative Director)

Description: At KNOCK, we believe that experiences are not just the visual activation of a brand but a more holistic engagement that starts where you least expect it. KNOCK will share some incredible community-focused projects that matter to the communities that they are in and changing the ROI mindset to a ROE mindset, the return on experience.

Breakout Session 3:

Hunt Adkins
Session title: Conditioning Creativity + Other Imperatives for Your Future Success

Dustin Edle (Visual Specialist)
Andrew Brady (Senior Copywriter)
Presenter: Shanna Apitz (President & Chief Creative Officer)

Description: In our industry, creativity is a requisite for success, no matter the position. From art direction, design, copywriting, UX and content development to media, PR, account and production, creative individuals are the ones who feed the future, fuel change, ensure relevance and create real, measurable business growth. Without the proper skills to perpetually fuel your creative engine, the best you can be is okay, or maybe even pretty good—but your success will hinge on your ability to mimic those who did it first. And no one wants to work with, hire or mentor someone who’s satisfied with second best. Let’s talk about what it takes to find, cultivate and leverage real creative potential that will catapult you past mediocre and land you squarely on your way to greatness.

The Lacek Group
Session title: Where Loyalty Can Take You Next?

Jenn Russo (Creative Director)
Brianna Smiley  (Account Executive)
Rodney Huff (Associate Creative Director)
Rim Woldeslassie (Talent Acquisition Specialist)

Description: Consumer loyalty is becoming an increasingly important part of marketing, and The Lacek Group uses data in innovative ways to cultivate more meaningful interactions. Join Creative Director Jenn Russo and Account Executive Bri Smiley as they take you through some recent campaigns that contributed to greater consumer loyalty in the travel industry.

True Media
Session title: Media 101

Kallie Hagerman (Senior Client Strategist)
Maddie McGuire (Client Strategy Associate)

Description: Do you know that you want to be in marketing, but are unsure where your skillset is best matched? Are you into numbers and statistics? Do you like digging into research and coming up with insights? Do you enjoy the art of negotiation? Join Kallie and Maddie from True Media as they dive into the world of paid media strategy and see if something in media might just be the right fit for you.


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