I’m Good: A Conversation About Mental Health

Thu, Nov 11, 2021, 6:00 PM CST

What’s your most common response when a colleague, friend or relative asks “how are you?” It’s usually “I’m good,” even if you’re not, right? We’re here to unpack that.

Join us for the 10th Annual Women’s Leadership Panel this November, titled “I’m Good: A Conversation About Mental Health.” This virtual event will facilitate conversations to help empower us to put our mental health first in our personal, professional, and community lives.

The Women’s Leadership Panel is one of Ad 2’s signature events and draws hundreds of people who are eager to learn and be inspired by women empowerment.

This year’s theme is a timely and important topic for our advertising industry to address. The pandemic changed the way we work and made us more aware of how it impacts our mental health. During this event, we’ll dive into topics such as hustle culture, burnout, setting boundaries, active communication, self-care, knowing your worth, and the great resignation.

Liz Giorgi


Liz Giorgi , CEO and Co-Founder of Soona

Liz Giorgi is a media entrepreneur, Emmy Award winner and vocal advocate for women in startups. She is currently the co-founder and ceo of soona, the world’s first virtual photoshoot platform. She’s the creator of the Candor Clause, an open source legal disclosure for dealing with discrimination in venture capital.

Angie Okon


Angie Okon, CEO and Co-Founder of Okon

As one of the co-founders of OKON LLC established in 2006, Angie has grown and evolved with Okon while continuously expanding the scope of which Okon is able to help change and empower womens’ lives. From starting out having no direction on where to start with fitness to achieving IFBB status, Angie has dedicated her career to helping others develop a strong mind, body, and sense of self. The belief that the greatest achievement in life is the ability to positively impact the world around you drives Angie to relentlessly create programs/educational tools to help others live full lives with the focus on longevity.

Ami Lathia


Ami Lathia , Director of Product Management, Roundel at Target

Ami is an inclusive and a passionate technology leader driving innovative solutions in the Ad Tech industry. She is the Director of Product Management at Target Corporation focused on developing data-driven core capabilities for marketing. She has a Masters degree in Computer Science from University of Southern California and comes with 12+ years of experience working in Fortune 100 companies. She is a diversity champion and leads DE&I efforts by serving on the board of directors for Women’s Business Council and Marketing Diversity Leadership Committee at Target.

Donna Robinson


Donna Robinson, CEO at Collective Measures

Donna Robinson is the CEO of Collective Measures, a performance marketing agency. Since joining the agency in 2012, Donna has been responsible for the growth, vision, and strategic leadership for the company. She has also been instrumental in fostering the smart, fun, and innovative culture that makes Collective Measures the incredible place it is.

Hope James


Hope James, Founder of BIPOC Bloggers and Creatives

Hope James is a Creative Influencer, and the founder and owner of Black Bloggers & Creatives. She currently lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Some people might recognize her as Minnafropolis because Hope started as a Minneapolis Blogger four years ago. Hope recently completed her MBA studies at Metropolitan State University. She is completing her graduate studies in Business Management and Project Management. She is preparing to start her PH.D program. As a creative entrepreneur, she uses her talent to create content for Black Bloggers and Creatives- including her magazine, blog site, and social media platform. On the other hand, Hope works with other talent agencies to render her influencer marketing services to other brands in the U.S and internationally.

Kim Dunn


Kim Dunn, Senior Vice President, Media and Data Science at Colle McVoy

Kim is the SVP of media and data science at Colle McVoy. She is overseeing the merging of those two disciplines to bring creativity to the use of data and measurement in media as well as leading media for 3M, Zoetis, Vermont Creamery and others.